Thanks Ama! My sister LOVES her reading and it was the perfect birthday present for her! Thanks soooo much! -Quyhn


Once again thank you sooo much for these enery healings!  I feel more balanced now, but this time it took a few days too really set in...This week I suddenly feel more confident and it has been easier for me to speak my mind.  I dont feel as much fear and stress at work, which is not my norm.-Vicky


I wanted to thank you for the reading today.  I must say you areamazing!  You had eveything so detailed and correct about me and my situation!

I feel so much better to know what I need to work on for myself, so thank you for that.

Do you think your emotional clearing service would help me?  Let me know what you advise, and I will get on your schedule soon.

You are very inspiring!

Very Best Regards- Vicky, Alabama


Thankyou so, so much Ama for giving us an answer. It's an amazing feeling knowing that someone as knowledgable in the spiritual world as you are feels that we are destined to be together as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and teaching us how to shield ourselves. We are very grateful.


Take care, blessings 


Amy x


Thanks for my reading today, it was really helpful and enjoyable

Rachel, Uk


My dear friend, Lynne had a birthday reading with you today.  She raved about you.  I found you on youtube and really liked your June reading for Virgo and shared your info with Lynne. -Loretta


Dear Ama,


I remember you mentioned to let you know about what the outcome is to my immigration issue we spoke of in March. I know it's been a long time so you might not remember. 


But as you did mention the court case has been in my favour and that matter has been solved. My sun sign is Gemini. 


I thank you so much for giving me the assurance when I morally felt really down. 


I will get in touch with you for a reading I want to get done soon. Please let me know what dates you have available. 


I shall await for your reply-anonimus UK


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