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Ama was born in Albania during the Communist Regime ( and after moved to USA for 21 years) at which time religious beliefs and practices and talking about God and spiritual phenomenon were strictly prohibited by the law.  Nevertheless, Ama did feel the presence of Spirit and the Divine, even without being able to learn more, about religion by reading the Bible, attending Church or other religious institutes: The light had found her. 

Growing up Ama would receive messages and intuitive hits from other realms about family and friends which she would then find out to become reality.  Her psychic abilities have been inherited from many ancestors, like a grandmother, who would appear in her dreams and visions, to teach her how to not be afraid but to embrace and further develop her psychic abilities. She is the first, of her generation , to actually embrace, accept and use her intuitive gifts. As a teenager she embraced her gifts and would do coffee readings for her family and friends as a hobby. However, in her 30s Ama experienced an increase in her psychic abilities and spiritual awakening.  The message she received from the Divine Light was that it was time for her to use her natural abilities to help others in need. At this period she devoted her time to further develop these gifts by attending spiritual development courses. By combining her naturally born abilities with her various trainings she has established her own unique system of predictions and healings so to better help others heal and find enlightenment in their paths. In her unique system, which can be done in person or distance, she uses Reiki Light, Tong Ren therapy, Face reading, Birthday Reading, Chinese Medicine, Energy Clearing, Nutrition, Akashic Records, Medical intuitive, etc.



The door is open to anyone who is looking to find their true calling in life, success and happiness, across borders, regardless of your culture, ethnic background, religion and religious practices, or atheist.  Only a part of the destiny is written in the stars and the other part, is the free will. The goal is how to use our free will in our advantage to reach the higher plan that is in store for us. The universe has a plan for everyone to be happy and successful, by embracing your true nature and being true to yourself.  Life, like science, has a variable and a constant. You are the constant, and your life circumstances are the variable as they always change. You cannot control change, but you can control you.  By having a better understanding, of who you are, what is your purpose in life, you will be the best version of yourself you can be. By embracing, the best of you, your full potential you can bring balance in your life, to balance both sides of the equations.  Balance, is happiness; It is what was meant for all of us. We are always, co-creating our Destiny with the Divine. Out thoughts, are electrical impulses, that create our reality. Everything is Energy.

Post Note- In 2020/2021, Ama started to channel paintings from The Akashic records, as a way to heal and to charge paintings with energy , as asked by clients. She accept painting orders, and she charges it, with Reiki and Energy from the Akashic records.


Education and Various Certifications

Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from University of West Chester of Pennsylvania, USA (2005)

Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master Certifications, Boston, USA (2014)

Tong Ren Healing Arts Practitioner, Boston , USA (2014)

Tuina Massage Certification, Boston, USA (2014)

Energy Clearing, California and New York, USA (2013-2015)

Face Reading  and Birthday Reading, Boston and California, USA (2013-2014)

Akashic Records Practitioner Certification, Boston USA ( 2015)

Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner Certification  New York (2016) 

Medical Intuition Advanced training USA 2022-2023

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